Wednesday, August 17, 2011

8/17/2011 Meeting

    I was extremely satisfied with the meeting tonight. Thank you so much for sharing your stories! I hope we can continue to grow closer as a group and create a network for atheists, agnostics, and other nonreligious students.

     Please, please feel welcome to e-mail me with ideas, comments, or questions--I want your input. Considering that we only had chalkings to advertise our meeting that were only up for a few hours at best, I was so happy that we had 5 new people. I cannot wait until we get the campus affiliation status sorted out, so we can start advertising more. I am debating just standing with a sign about being atheist to attempt to meet more potential members during my free time. I am not sure. Please, invite anyone you know. The more the merrier.

     Next week, we will have pizzas and maybe a few other snacks. Please bring your own drinks. If there are any games/discussion questions/movies you would like to share with the group, bring them along. If you want to bring a snack, that would be great too. I will be contacting everyone through the information they provided on the membership form to ask about toppings, donations, etc.

     Please remember to look through the Constitution if you would like to be an officer on campus. You do not have to be open about your religious affiliation to be an officer, but I would like officers to be involved with events and mentors to other members. However, that does not mean you cannot help with events behind the scenes in the organizing and planning stages.

Here is the agenda from the meeting:
1) Introductions
2) Campus affiliation status
     a) Policy changes
     b) Presenting to student senate
3) Officers
     a) Duties
     b) Elections
4) Constitution
     a) Blog:
     b) Proposed changes
5) Meetings
     a) Proposed changes
     b) Meeting structure
6) Events
     a) Faith and morality panel
     b) Other suggestions
7) Other news

     I want to give a special thanks to Dr. Alford for being so readily involved in the group, and to everyone who attended the meeting. Please feel free to contact me because I really want your feedback. I am looking forward to next Wednesday.

Sarah Erwin

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