Thursday, April 28, 2011


I have been in contact with Dr. Alford. He is very interested in becoming involved in the group, and I told him that we may try to meet with him soon to possibly add him as a faculty advisor.

I made the changes to the constitution and submitted it to the Student Activities office. I added the new office of the Community Service Coordinator. I will be posting the official constitution on this website soon, along with the bylaws and membership forms.

You can get this updates by e-mail by submitting your e-mail on the right side panel. I also reccomend to every member that you become a national SSA member by visiting their website I believe student fees are $10. Thanks.

Sarah Erwin, President of the SSA.

First Meeting Agenda: 4/27/2011

For discussion:
1. Organization Constitution
2. Dues
3. Group Activities
     A. Privacy of Meetings
     B. Community Involvement
4. Officers
5. The National SSA
     A. Correspondence Between Groups
     B. Membership at a National Level
6. New Business

For action:

Nothing is to be officially voted on during this meeting