Thursday, May 26, 2011

Affiliated and excited!

In case you guys hadn't noticed, we are now on the National SSA's website, here. I hope you guys are as excited as I am.

For those of you interested in a Faith & Morality panel, I invited the spokesperson for the Islamic Council of Oklahoma to speak. She said to keep in contact, and she would try to come. She's an awesome speaker.

If you did not attend our first meeting at the end of April, please send me your e-mail, so I can add you to the contact group. You can reach me here at any time.

The Campus Life and Student Activities director, Dr. Williams, has promised to approve our group. He even said he's looking forward to us "shaking up" the campus. As soon as we get listed on the school's website, we can start getting resources from the National SSA. I hope you guys become members on the national level as well, to show your support. It's only $10 for students.

Thank you guys for helping to make this group possible. I am super excited about getting things going.

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