Friday, September 9, 2011

BSU/SSA debate change.

The debate has been moved to Wednesday at 8pm on the 28th. I received an e-mail last night from the BSU saying that the format had yet again changed. I specifically told Ron Williams, director of the CREW office, that we would not participate in a debate over the existence of god. We are already a misunderstood group; I am not leading us into a room full of people to say, "Your god is not real, and here is why." Our mission is not to disprove god.  The e-mail I received listed topics, the first two about the existence of god. None of the topics that we were interested in discussing were listed. I met with Randy (minister at the BSU), and we decided to talk to Ron about our concerns. As usual, he denied his office had made any changes. I told him I couldn't be certain it was coming from the CREW office, but I felt that there were forces at play that wanted this discussion to turn into an argument in order to attract a bigger audience. He said he never approved the "does god exist question," but the person who came up with the topics was there and said, "I showed it to you." His reply was that he didn't read it. I was tired of dealing with the constant changes and incompetence I had experienced with the CREW office, so I told him I did not feel comfortable working with any more, and that if it was alright with the BSU (which it is), we would just work directly with them. I will be making a new event, and we will have to work hard to promote the corrections. It's going to be in the regent's room to promote a more academic feel. We already reserved the room. I will also be making a group with the BSU students so we can hammer out a format. Both sides will also be sharing the questions before hand. Thank you for your patience and support. I think things will go much more smoothly now that the CREW office is out of the picture. If you have any questions, please let me know via e-mail or facebook, and I will try to answer you as soon as possible.

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