Wednesday, August 31, 2011

08/31/2011 - Meeting

Today we elected officers! They are as follows:

President: Sarah Erwin
Vice President: Nick Rackley
Secretary: Derrick Manning
Treasurer: Daniel Bratcher
Community Service Coordinator: Casey Williamson
Historian: Laura Asaro
Public Relations: Mark Branscum!

I have invited all the officers to the blog, so they can post updates too! If you are an officer sharing on the blog, please remember to sign your name, so all members can know who is posting.

We also discussed passing out group information next week on Wednesday and Thursday. I will be contacting individuals who gave me their availability, so we can be sure someone is at the table at all times. Laura, I expect pictures for our blog!

September 13 at 9:00p.m. in the Pesagi Lounge, we are having a debate with the Baptist Student Union. Please, e-mail me if you are interested in being one of the five to represent our group. Also tell me if you come up with any new topic ideas! There is a facebook event now, and I think I invited most of you. However, if you missed it, click here and say that you are attending!

A few other events discussed were home coming, Skepticon in Missouri, and The Texas Freethought Convention. Skepticon is free, and we could car pool. We would have to reserve tickets for the Freethought Convention. Please, contact me if you are interested in attending with me.

Our next meeting is on September 14th. I'm sure I will be in contact with all of you before then. Thank you to all who attended! The semester is already off to a good start!

Sarah Erwin,
SSA of ECU President


  1. I fixed it and gave you an exclamation point. Sorry, man. I knew I'd leave something out.